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Data-Driven Merchandiser Audits

Our audits are backed by data and in-depth analysis, allowing you to make informed decisions about your merchandisers, optimize your product placements, and boost sales.


Face-to-Face Audits

Our in-person audits are the most effective way to provide accurate and reliable results, ensuring you have a clear picture of your merchandisers’ performance.


Location-Specific Optimization

We help you tailor your product offerings to different retail locations based on customer demographics, enhancing your sales strategy.


Brand Protection

Our audits ensure your products are accurately represented in every retail location, maintaining the high quality and reputation of your brand.


Comprehensive Market Insights

We offer immersive research techniques to deeply understand your brand and provide actionable strategies for growth.


Holistic Merchandiser Evaluation

We provide a balanced view of retail conditions, analyzing customer service, sales knowledge, compliance with brand techniques, and competitive priorities of your merchandisers


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Accurate and in-depth insights

Understanding your

Understanding your merchandisers is crucial for ensuring that they effectively represent your brand and drive sales. At Systematic Market Research Consultancy, we delve deep into the qualities that matter, assessing their appearance, product knowledge, conduct, and interpersonal skills. Our meticulous analysis helps you gain a comprehensive understanding of your merchandisers, empowering you to make informed decisions about their performance and tailor your strategies to maximize their potential impact on your business. With our focus on understanding your merchandisers, we pave the way for enhanced brand representation and increased revenue.

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Elevating Your Retail Strategy with SMRC Market Insights

At Systematic Market Research Consultancy, we offer more than just market insights; we provide a roadmap for growth. We employ immersive research techniques to deeply understand your brand and its unique challenges, allowing us to help you achieve your business goals. Our insights extend beyond raw data; they translate into actionable strategies that drive success. With a dedicated Client Relationship Manager at your side, we efficiently address your business challenges, leveraging industry research and data tools to provide real, tailored solutions.

In-Depth Merchandiser Evaluation and Diverse Service Offerings

Our commitment to understanding the intricacies of your business extends to evaluating your merchandisers comprehensively. We analyze their customer service and sales knowledge, identify training needs, assess their adherence to brand sales techniques, and even evaluate how they prioritize your brand compared to competitors. This holistic approach provides a balanced perspective of your retail conditions, ensuring you make informed decisions to boost your business. Systematic Market Research Consultancy also extends its services to include primary market research, diagnostic layout assessments, interactive planning and management, strategic positioning, and feasibility studies, making us your comprehensive partner for success.

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Our retail audit
services include

Appearance and Conduct Audit

We evaluate how your merchandisers present themselves and interact with customers, ensuring they align with your brand’s image.

Product Knowledge Assessment

We assess the depth of your merchandisers’ product knowledge, helping you determine if they can effectively promote your products.

Face-to-Face Audits

Our in-person audits are designed for accuracy and reliability, providing clients with valuable insights into their merchandisers’ performance.

Collaborative Checklist Design

Our checklists are organized into clear sections, making them user-friendly and ensuring efficient audits.

Location-Specific Analysis

We help you identify which products perform best at different retail locations, taking into account customer demographics to optimize your offerings.

Protecting Your Brand

Our audits ensure your products are accurately represented in each retail location, maintaining your brand’s quality and reputation.


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