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Systematic Market Research Consultancy is one of the few companies in the UAE and Oman that has an experienced field team to conduct retail audits for multinational companies.

Raw real-time data is collected by our field team after which it is analyzed and then reported to clients. Systematic Market Research Consultancy employs iTrackAll software in order to track the progress of employees in real-time. iTrackAll is the all-in-one GPS tracking software solution, that has all essential features including rich web applications, Mobile apps, integration with most GPS trackers, M2M/IoT connectivity, administrator tools, API, and Plugins.

Based on client requirements and projects, tasks are assigned to our field team on the software’s map or timeline. Tasks are primarily managed through this application and can even be changed or reassigned in real-time. Dates and times for task completion can be set along with possible delays to determine the amount of work that is completed in a day. Tasks can be later viewed by selected date range, by status, or by tags. Systematic Market Research Consultancy then ensures the set tasks are accomplished and real-time data from locations are captured along with media wherever applicable. This ensures the reliability of the collected data as well as staff performance.

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Unlock the potential of your business with fleet management by getting in the driver’s seat of every vehicle in your fleet! Use location information to identify more fuel-efficient roads and gain access to reports on accurate working hours of your employees.

The ITrackAll management software supplies you with the accurate and real-time GPS location of your business fieldwork team. In addition to the location, the GPS sends out alerts and creates reports on demand or by schedule.

Our system from ItrackAll is designed to monitor, control, and ensure the delivery of each project assigned to fieldwork teams.
With our software, effective fieldwork management is made easier and more convenient with web-based and mobile applications. This tool has a lot to offer to every kind of business, especially those that rely heavily on timely deliveries and transportation.
This is a great management tool since it can track the team’s schedule and lessen late deliveries. 

Most of today’s successful businesses rely on prompt service!

Another advantage is that you can accurately calculate timelines and analyze routes.


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