Merchandising Audit

Merchandising audits will aid management to stay a cut above the competition and modify their marketing programs.

Systematic Market Research Consultancy provides merchandising audits across a wide range of industries. This type of report compiles all types of inventory data including stock levels, the effectiveness of product pricing, how products are displayed, the impact of your current visual merchandising, and product promotions. Depending on the type of merchandising audit, time frames will vary. Depending on client requirements, we can perform a monthly quick spot check or a more thorough audit once a quarter.

Merchandising audits are an extremely helpful tool in providing feedback to decision-makers. This research helps assess how well stores meet organizational standards, and shopping experience, and support priority initiatives. We conduct these kinds of audits for clients to help them understand where there might be organizational disengagement between tactical execution and strategy. This aids firms in resolving performance gaps and realigns all constituents on what matters most to deliver the strategic objective.

The biggest issues clients face includes:

  • Is my product promoted by my merchandiser?
  • Does the merchandiser have enough product knowledge with key USPs and technicalities?
  • Is the consumer finding my product in the store?
  • Does the consumer get the product delivered on time?
  • Is the consumer happy enough to repeat the brand purchase?
  • Do they have brand loyalty?

We at SMRC conduct merchandising audits with key objectives in mind including:

  • Identifying a high level of consistent customer service and allowing companies to understand and track retail trends.
  • To provide a holistic and balanced picture of retail conditions.
  • To understand the competition in certain product groups.
  • To identify if the retailer’s sales techniques are in line with brand guidelines.
  • To evaluate if the merchandiser has product knowledge and is promoting your product only or other brands.

Moreover, other factors include inventory management, stock replenishment, promotion review, hygiene, quality standards, etc. Understanding these factors helps provide consumers with what they expect from your brand. Moreover, suitable merchandising means higher lead generation which leads to customer retention. Therefore, a merchandising audit study is the best way to align your business in a smooth and orderly manner. Our experts ensure complete customization as per the individual client’s requirement.


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