Retail Audit

Brand Perception Audit

  • SMRC skillful Brand Auditing is carried out to – 
  • Maximize customer understanding of your brand, which as a result, is equate to repeat purchases and greater word-of-mouth advertising. 
  • Tackle obstacles to purchasing. 
  • Improve supplier relations and enhance internal communications, which, in turn, will have a knock-on effect to employee motivation.

Brand Auditing benefits with SMRC


Awareness and knowledge gaps that identifies marketing communications with customers, prospects, suppliers or internally.


Would people consider you? Do you meet their needs? Do they believe in your products? Is your service good? Are you easy to work with?


Strengths and weaknesses of a company’s brand which arms in key product or service improvements.


Clients to monitor perceptions of the brand over time and gauge improvements.


Are you a company that people want to deal with? Does your brand image compliment the product you offer? Does the offer have sufficient value to justify the price? What are the barriers to purchase?


The perceptions of target groups.


Companies to prioritize brand attributes in the purchasing decision.

Retailer / Merchandiser Audit

SMRC provides you with market insights, by collecting, analyzing and auditing data from within the stores from all over GCC.

  • Shelf audits – SMRC efficiently reports its client of the product availability in store, product placement along with “out of stock” signs and pricing display of the product. 
  • Audits of general appearance, presentation, cleanliness and store safety –
    We provide reports on the overall presentation which can be the basis of improvising for a positive customer experience. These audit are tailored to the customer’s needs with active reporting through real-time electronic transfer, for immediate client action.

Promotions Report / Audit

Systematic Market Research Consultancy audit your promotion plan effectively highlighting areas of strengths and weaknesses for you to enhance your plan to achieve greater results.

Aspects scrutinized with our Promotions Auditing Service:

Includes examining in-store signage, special display ads, the correct seasonal labels, gondolas, weekend offers and pricing. Our most rigorous and up-to-date in house field team, skilled at checking merchandizer readiness, awareness and compliance with in-store programs. 

SMRC Promotions Audit assures

  • To check promotions objectives.
  • To certify the efficiency of the promotional mix.
  • To track response rates.
  • To analyze customers’ reception of the promotion message.

New Product Audit

New Product Review Audit provides a detailed analysis and customer review before the product is introduced in the market.

Key Benefits:

  • Developing new products and services as well as complement innovation and creativity.
  • It’s a critical method through which company can gather customer feedback.
  • It aids in anticipating overall product performance.
  • Facilitates fine tuning of the product.