Competitive intelligence, also referred to as corporate intelligence, is the ability to gather, analyze, and use information collected on customers, competitors, as well as other market factors that contribute to a business’s competitive advantage. This process is crucial as it aids businesses in comprehending their competitive environment and its challenges and opportunities. Businesses analyze the information to create effective and efficient business solutions.

We at Systematic Market Research Consultancy aid our clients with this kind of in-depth analysis. We employ various methodologies including online and offline surveys, mystery shopping, and customer satisfaction surveys among others. The nature of competitive intelligence varies for various companies, depending on the industry, circumstances, as well as a host of other factors. For any conglomerate, the goal of competitive intelligence is to help make highly-informed decisions and boost organizational performance by ascertaining opportunities and risks before they become readily apparent. In short, this type of research aims to prevent businesses from being caught unaware, by any oppositional forces.


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At Systematic Market Research Consultancy, we offer an integrated approach to building your competitor insights. We provide you with customer-win strategies that will help you seize a higher market share as opposed to your competitors. With years of experience, our team of experts leads the market through:

Features and Service Analysis and Benchmarking – We ensure we are at your aid for wise decision-making driven by product demand, features, and upgrades. Any improvements in your service or product are also pointed out immediately by our experts when analyzing the competitors’ techniques.

Running With Trends – Our reports will help you remain up-to-date with the current market trends. By tracking the constantly changing business environment at any given time, you can predict your competitors” plan of action and your consumers’ changing demands and formulate a full-proof strategy.

Targeted Audience Group For Efficiency – With our reports, you can effectively target your customers. Having worked with all vertices, we offer customized solutions for various businesses. Our strategies have always proven efficient when implemented for any business such as manufacturing, automotive, retail, healthcare, and technology, among others.

We aim toward customer satisfaction, and therefore, our highly qualified experts want to contribute to better decision-making through our service offerings. Once you are well-versed with your competitors, their strategies, customer behavior, and preferences, you will effectively be able to grab a larger market share.

We provide domain-specific solutions to all our clients based on their specific requirements and suggestions. We focus on offering completely customized solutions for which we conduct regular meetings and ensure that we uphold your business values while providing services.


We understand that the research we provide is only as good as the outcome it stimulates. That’s why we are proud to provide dedicated custom research services to deliver the insights you need to achieve your final goals.

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