Retail and Compliance Audits

Systematic Market Research Consultancy uses the ‘Smart Rocket’ dashboard for conducting retail Audits. This tool helps in providing immediate feedback on in-store prices, stock levels, on-shelf compliance, promotions, customer service, and more. Smart Rocket helps companies optimize their retail execution at the exact time and place it is needed.

It helps in optimizing in-store execution for greater sales success and helps our clients understand exactly what’s happening at the point of sale, quick enough to make a difference. It also helps clients understand how your products are priced in General/ Open Trade locations. There is often wide variation in prices across individual stores, and prices may not be marked, hence getting reliable, verifiable data from a few stores may be a challenge in itself. Smart rocket helps collect SKU prices in real-time and flag those products that have not been priced at all. Retailers can take collective measures to fix these issues at the earliest.

This dashboard can also capture in-store photos and instant feedback on listing and stock levels, facings, shares, pricing, and promotions for you and your competitors. Systematic Market Research Consultancy collects the data mentioned above, analyses it, and then delivers results to clients on a real-time basis, may it be on a weekly basis, monthly basis, on quarterly basis, based on client requirements.

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