Qualitative Market Research

Qualitative market research is conducted using observation or unstructured questioning. The goal of qualitative research is to gain insights into the deeper motives behind consumer purchases by answering the why and how.

It helps to uncover prevalent trends in thought and opinion for your brand. All types of qualitative research will have a small but, highly validated sample size compared to quantitative and more open-ended questions. The data analysis while non-statistical in nature, is in-depth and turned into actionable intelligence with the help of a software platform. Systematic Market Research Consultancy uses multiple software based on the type of research methodology to design the surveys to elicit maximum value.

Some of the reasons why companies prefer qualitative market research methods are to understand brand perception and consumer behavior, measure the reasons for customer loyalty, identify new business opportunities or gaps in the market, get insights on new products, etc.

The different methods are listed below as: 

Focus groups 

In Systematic Market Research Consultancy’s focus group method of qualitative market research, we make a group of critical decision-makers with who we talk about a particular product and its market strategies. We also make customized focus groups depending on your business requirements. All the insights and opinions are formulated in detailed reports followed by analysis. This helps in providing qualitative opinions and facts from a  variety of people. Systematic Market Research Consultancy makes sure to bring a diverse approach to its focus groups. We take briefings about the expectations of your business and its customer base and then form focus groups depending upon it.  

In-depth interviews

Talking can be the best way to share views! That’s why Systematic Market Research Consultancy provides in-depth interview services for market research. With Systematic Market Research Consultancy’s in-depth interview services, every business can understand what experienced experts do in their relative fields to resolve specific issues. We create a panel of stakeholders and key decision-makers in the industry per the client’s requirements. These are followed by an in-depth detailed interview-based up on the agreed questionnaire with the client. Later the complete report is provided with the derivations and suggestions.

Product Testing 

Product testing is a crucial aspect of product development. That’s why Systematic Market Research Consultancy offers customized target lead groups for product testing. We create groups of people from different ethnic groups and backgrounds per the requirement. These groups are subjected to your products where they provide their opinion and point of view per the objective of the study.

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Systematic Market Research Consultancy is known for its customized qualitative market research services in UAE. Our experts blend the most advanced analytical technology and techniques in deriving our clients’ reports and data studies. You get input from an extensively experienced perspective and the people who understand the industry. To get top-notch qualitative market research services in the GCC, contact us now!


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