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Systematic Market Research Consultancy conducts face-to-face surveys using ‘Survey-to-go’, which is an online tool that captures customer feedback. We conduct the interview process for our clients wherein our top-notch interviewers will be used to successfully complete the study. The aim would be to retain respondents equally focused while in the interview process. For this reason, we will need to use technology to eliminate interviewing length to the minimum levels possible. As such, we will use the Survey To Go Platform for the purpose.
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The questionnaire will be structured and will contain mostly closed-ended questions. There will be a logical flow to the questionnaire, and the 4 key sections included in the questionnaire would be age, gender, type of business stream, etc.

In ensuring the profile of the respondents to be used (demographics/product usage), a screening questionnaire will be completed with each one, to record data. Exhaustive discussions will need to take place with the respective clients while at the exploratory stage (design or possibly the qualitative prep study) about the way of executing our brand Image/ perception study.

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We assess, understand, and solve market research-related problems with our highly qualified team, which has relevant experience, and aims to provide a vast range of solutions with face to face surveys
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Our market research platforms help businesses to develop profitable, sustainable, and intelligent market plans. Systematic Market Research Consultancy can help you to identify the size of the opportunity, assess your market and competitors, and craft a compelling proposition aligned to market needs.

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