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✓ 1500 panel outlets.
✓ Reliable data collected at source.
✓ KPI guaranteed.
✓ MENA Coverage.


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✓ Quality control checks in place.
✓ Data delivered with meaningful
infographics & reports.



✓ Monthly retail audit for FMCG,
Mobile, Computer Hardware, Optics, Automotive Lubricants and Tire.
✓Reduced production cost.



✓ Our field team comprises of
ex-MEMRB & ex-GFK employees.
✓ Convenient cross-verification of
data collected.


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Accurate and in-depth insights and market data are crucial to a successful business strategy. We at Systematic Market Research Consultancy are dedicated to providing top-notch research insights to our clients across the globe.

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Retail shelf audits aid in providing regular checkups on retailers, ensuring that they comply with the agreements you have made regarding product location, shelf space, product displays, pricing, and promotion.

In addition, through regular retail audits services, clients can avoid out-of-stock instances, ensure products are displayed properly, check competitors’ pricing and promotions, and collect and analyze data and adjust accordingly.

Stand Out of your competition

Our experts ensure that your merchandise is in alliance with the required industry standards as well as trends. Our data including media where applicable is then reported comprehensively through various dashboards for which we provide complete client access. Furthermore, these reports are then analyzed by our team and we offer the required suggestions for improving the situation.

“All of your customers are partners in your mission”  – Shep Hyken

What we offer!

Our retail audit
services include

Planogram compliance

Systematic Market Research Consultancy offers retail audits for planogram compliance wherein our experts ensure that the shelving, representation, inventory structure, displays, and execution are as per the planogram structure provided to the retailer. Our experts study your standard business planogram and derive a checklist of standards depending on it. This eases the management of merchandise as well as helps in better resource optimization. 

Shelf spacing analysis

We at Systematic Market Research Consultancy offer shelf spacing analysis to various companies in the UAE in order to capitalize their products and increase sales. One of the advantages of this service is that it allows our clients to investigate whether their brand and that of their competitors are getting their fair share of shelf space compared to the contribution they make to category sales. This allows our clients to pinpoint products as well as brands that are under-spaced or over-spaced and therefore may be drivers or drainers of category growth.

Pricing analysis audits

Competitive pricing is imperative for companies to excel in their field. You can price your products competitively through pricing analysis audits, which list your competitors’ products and/or SKU numbers along with the retail price. These audits allow your business to see how your product prices compare with that of other businesses in a similar industry. Through the acquisition of this data, you can adjust or affirm your current pricing structure. You can also develop new pricing strategies if need be, or design future sales and promotions.

Out-of-Stock audits

Our services help clients identify and address out-of-stock issues, whether caused by high demand or communication gaps. We analyze data to uncover reasons for recurring stock shortages and provide actionable steps to prevent them. By leveraging real-time information, clients can anticipate and avoid potential out-of-stock situations. At Systematic Market Research Consultancy, we specialize in resolving these issues, enabling clients to stay ahead and maximize product value. Our retail shelf audit service ensures adherence to quality standards, offering tailored audits that provide valuable insights into merchandising practices.


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