Focus Groups

SMRC conducts Focus Group studies involving interaction between group members. We aim at delivering qualitative in-depth information, where exploration and identification of attitudes, behaviors and processes are the chief research objectives.




In Depth Interviews

In-depth interview offers the opportunity to capture rich, descriptive data about how people think and behave, and unfolding complex processes. Which, then can be incorporated as a standalone research method or as part of a multi method design, depending on the needs of the research.


  • F2F
  • Online

Car Clinic

We are a field company equipped to assist you to set up and administer car clinic benefiting your automotive research projects.

We support,

  • Car clinic physical set-up and execution.
  • Recruitment activities.
  • Facilitates effective and clear communication with multilingual groups. (Arabic, English & French).

Product Testing

Product testing is one of the most valuable marketing research that most companies engage in.

Product testing regulated by us, can be competently implemented by

  • Achieving product superiority.
  • Continuously improve product performance and customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor the potential threat levels.
  • Reduce costs of product.
  • Measure the effects of product maturity.
  • Study the effects of price, brand name, or packaging.
  • Monitor and compare product quality.