Competitor Price Collection Study

Competitor Price monitoring with SMRC ascertains the prices of the product sold by your competitors, proving to be a crucial cog in the wheel of price optimization.

Monitoring the competition isn’t the only criterion we use to help you set your prices, but most definitely as a part of that equation as an element of your competitive pricing strategy.

Brand Tracking

A strong brand tracking program will supply an authoritative read of a brand’s progress at a macro level and diagnose the changes that will deliver improvement.

What kind of questions are best answered with brand ?

  • Fame – “Does our brand readily come to customers’ minds?”
  • Feelings – “Does thinking about this brand evoke positive feelings for a customer?”
  • Influence – “Do customers recognize the brand?”
  • Target – What segment of the population should we be targeting?”
  • Behaviour – “Are out highest value consumers talking about us on social media? Are they downloading our app?”

The Benefits of Brand Tracking

  • Big picture – Gives marketers a big-picture view of a brand’s position in the market.
  • Competitive insights– Provides insights into the competition.
  • Segments insights – Segmentation insights for receptive audiences that were previously overlooked.
  • Reputation– Reputation building among customers and potential employees.
  • Customer partiality – Identify pain points for customers

Mystery Shopping

We pride ourselves on being the masters of mystery shopping!

Our experienced pool of full time and experienced ex-MEMRB and GFK staff coupled with our highly interactive software makes us the top-quality Mystery Shopping Service providers.

We offer an insightful and customized report to our clients, we also help clients address the challenges that come in their way of customer experience success. Our mystery shopping services aim to improve all touchpoints involved in your entire customer experience journey thus making customer retention easier.

Our Mystery Shopping services will help you:

  • Track – The extent to which you are delivering on your promises to your target market.
  • Provide – You with real-time actionable data on the various areas and aspects of customer engagement.
  • Identify – The areas of improvement and work on them to facilitate your business growth.
  • Speed up – The process of tracking the success of changes implemented.

Universe Census Study

Our census study produces deep insight to support your distribution network.

  • Demographic insight – most accurate count of regional retail operations & nature of business.
  • Geolocation insight – capture wide spectrum of store data, geolocations & coordinates.
  • Empower sales network – support distribution team & increase your reach.